• Preparing for Eternity: Bahá'í End-of-Life Planning Guide
    Bahá'í End-of-Life Planning Guide,  Bahai Faith

    Preparing for Eternity: Bahá’í End-of-Life Planning Guide

    A Bahá’í Guide to End-of-Life Planning: Ensuring Dignity and Serenity The Bahá’í faith holds a unique and deeply respectful view on death, seeing it as a natural part of our spiritual journey towards the eternal realm. Proper end-of-life planning, rooted in Bahá’í principles, not only ensures that our earthly obligations are handled but also respects our spiritual journey. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for your end of days. Step 1: Reflect on Your Spiritual Wishes Begin with contemplation. The Bahá’í faith sees death as a messenger of joy, as it is the transition to a spiritual realm. Reflect on your spiritual desires and values and how…

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