Easter Poem 2023
Easter Poem 2023

Easter Poem 2023

Easter Sunday comes anew,
Brimming with hope and joy for you,
A time of new beginnings bright,
With hope and love, a shining light.

The morning dawns with golden rays,
The world awakens, filled with praise,
For on this day, so long ago,
Our Lord and Savior rose to show.

That death is not the final word,
And love is more than we have heard,
For in his resurrection, we see,
A path to life eternally.

With every petal of a flower,
With every breath of gentle shower,
We feel his love and grace surround,
Our spirits lifted, souls unbound.

So let us gather, young and old,
With hearts of faith and love so bold,
To celebrate this day of new,
And cherish all that’s good and true.

For Easter is a time of love,
A blessing from the One above,
A chance to start again and find,
A brighter path, for all mankind.

memory books Tony Ray

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